Dr. Ibrahim Seba AlMarri one of the young leaderships in the Dubai Police, who could combine the academic achievement and the practical experience, as he has earned the Doctorate Degree […]

Almud hareb holds a bachelor degree in Computer Information systems from the USA in 1990. He joined the Courts Department as the first employee in the MIS Section, where he […]

Academic QualificationPhD/2005 in Court Management from the Australian National University. The title of the dissertation was “Court management in Dubai between present challenges and future opportunities”. The experience of a […]

H.E. Prof. Dr. Ali Mohamed Al-Khouri is the Director General (Under Secretary) of the Emirates Identity Authority (Emirates ID), a federal government organization in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). He […]

Director, Intellectual Futures Private Limited A Strategic Counsel who specializes in intellectual capital investments, intellectual property and technology, Zaid has over 26 years of professional experience spanning the technology and […]

Chief Chaos Organizer at Missing Puzzle Piece Consulting Stephanie has worked in KM for more than 14 years, and is currently Chief Chaos Organizer at Missing Puzzle Piece Consulting where […]

Knowledge Management Author and Blogger Dr. Madan Rao is a knowledge management (KM) author and consultant from Bangalore, India. He has written three books on KM and is the editor […]

CEO and Founder, Strategic Red Team Consulting  Fred is a pioneer of utilizing wargaming and red teaming in the commercial world.  A seasoned, dynamic and adaptive leader, Fred has commanded […]

Chairman, Chief CKM Instructor at International KM Institute KM practitioner since 1994 when designed KBase Tool for DoD think tank. At US$30B Northrop Grumman (1995-2001 was Chief Knowledge Engineer/Sr. Technical […]